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    What is Lash Shedding & How to Cope with it

    Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, but have you noticed your lash extensions seem to be falling out more than usual? Don't worry, this is normal. It's simply natural spring lash shedding. Just like animals shed their winter coats for a lighter summer look, our bodies adjust to seasonal changes. Now that it is Spring, and the weather is getting (slightly) warmer, our bodies react. This includes our eyelash growth cycle, which can experience some fluctuations during spring.

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    The Booming Lash Extension Industry: Why It Just Makes Sense to Get into Business with Beauty

    The eyelash extension industry is experiencing tremendous growth, with more and more people turning to this beauty treatment for a touch of glamour and convenience. But what's behind this surge in popularity? Let's delve into some interesting facts about the lash extension industry.

  3. Training

    Beauty Training: Frequently Asked Questions ANSWERED

    Confused about the world of lash extensions and brow training? Our blog tackles FAQs to shed light on the in-demand training courses available for lash extensions, lash lift, brow lamination and more. Whether you're a beauty tech already or an aspiring technician, this blog aims to answer your burning questions about training! So, dive in and get clued up on professional beauty training. 

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    Women in Beauty Interviews: Joan Scott

    Over the last few months, we have interviewed some amazing women in our industry who inspire us, and hopefully you, to make the most of being in the world of beauty.  
    Today we are launching our interview with Joan Scott - CEO and Chair of HABIA. HABIA is the government-recognised standard-setting body (SSB) which develops national standards and promotes education, excellence and professionalism.

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    Women in Beauty Interviews: Marlene Paulsen

    #WomensEqualityDay is on Friday! In honour of Women's Equality Day, we've interviewed some amazing women in our industry who inspire us, and hopefully you, to make the most of being in the world of beauty.  Read our first interview with Marlene Paulsen of Lash Perfect Norway and Calma Beauty AS! 

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    Yoga for Beauty Techs! Free Yoga Guide

    We know that being a beauty tech sometimes can leave you with aches and pains from hunching over clients all day long, so we enlisted the help of expert yoga instructor, Jordan (@jordanmaeantoinette), to show us some stretches and techniques to relieve any tightness in your backs, neck, shoulders, and hands.

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    Beauty & Retail: Why it just makes sense...

    Are you retailing products to your clients for home use yet? If not, it’s never too late to start. All lash techs know how important it is to provide clients with information on aftercare – with the correct care, clients will have amazing lashes for as long as possible, and you won’t be greeted with lash disasters at infill appointments. Clients are eager to find the best products to care for their extensions, and you are their best source for these products - but how to start?

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    How to Use Social Media for Beauty Businesses

    Today is World Social Media Day, and to celebrate we’re giving you the best tips on how to use social to help your beauty business, whether you are offering lash extensions, brow lamination, lash lifts, spa treaments or any other beauty service. Read on to find out how to boost your business on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

  9. Training

    Combo Treatments: Why Offering 2 Treatments in One Just Makes Sense

    Combo Beauty Treatments 
    The easiest way to maximise your earnings is to offer two complimenting beauty treatments at once which can be performed simultaneously. Whether you are a lash, brow, nail or hair technician, you can introduce 2-in-1 treatments which will entice customers to opt for further treatments and boost your productivity, whether in salon or mobile. 

  10. 5 Reasons to Train in Lashes and Brows

    Here are 5 reasons to train in lash extension treatments and brow services before the year ends! 

    ONE: We know it’s a busy time of year, but with Remote Online Training you can train in your own time and at your own pace, and finish the brow / eyelash course with an accredited training certificate (ABT, HABIA).


    TWO: Offering a new treatment can help keep existing clients interested, and can help entice new customers in! When asked how to get more clients, salons have noted that offering the latest beauty treatments helped!



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