Hi Brow Lamination Mini Kit - The Essentials

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Everything you need to perform the popular brow lamination treatment in a compact mini kit. Contains: Brow Style x 15, Brow Set x 15, Brow Nourish x 15, Brow Fix 5ml x 1, Disposable Mascara Brushes x 25.

The Hi Brow Lamination Mini Kit contains the essential products to perform the popular brow laminating treatment. Hi Brow Lamination results lasts up to 6 - 8 weeks and is a client favourite.

Our expertly developed vegan formulas make up the 3-step system for eyebrow lamination and provide quick results.

Brow Style Step 1 is applied to brows after they have been lifted and secured into place using Brow Fix – this brow lamination glue holds the brows in a stretched position. Step 1 enables the first stage of the lamination process, breaking down the structure of the hair so it can be moulded into its new shape with Brow Style Step 2.

The second stage of this process uses the Brow Set - this is used to rebuild the hair and fix it into its new position.

Brow Nourish Step 3 is used to nourish the brows, conditioning them after the treatment.

Allergy alert testing may be required - please check the conditions of your insurance.

For professional use.

More Information
Brand Hi Brow
How to Use
  • Manufacture's guidance: allergy alert test not essential.
  • Please check your individual insurance.
  • Apply Smoothing Wax Pencil (or equivalent) around the brow area to protect the skin.
  • Use Brow Fix to position brow hairs in place ready for lamination.
  • Apply Brow Style for the time recommended depending on hair type.
  • Apply Brow Set for the time recommended depending on hair type.
  • Apply Brow Nourish as the final stage.
  • Leave on the brows for ultimate hydration.
  • Please refer to instruction leaflet/manual for more information. To find out how to train in Hi Brow Lamination, please visit our training page.

Q: Do I have to train in Hi Brow Lamination to use these products?

A: We strongly advise training in Hi Brow Lamination before using any professional eyebrow lamination products. There are many factors to consider when performing a brow lamination to ensure a safe treatment and professional results.

Q: How does a brow lamination work?

A: Brow Lamination involves realigning brow hairs to keep them in their desired shape using specialist products. Brow Lamination delivers naturally fuller brows and can be brushed up or styled naturally depending on your client’s preference.

Q: Are these products vegan?

A: Yes, our brow lamination products are vegan.

Q: How many brow lamination treatments can be performed with the contents in this kit?

A: 15 treatments! There are 15 sachets of each of the three key solutions.

Q: Is patch testing required for brow lamination?

A: An allergy alert test if not a legal requirement for brow lamination solutions. We advise that you check the conditions of your insurance as manufacturer's guidelines and our manufacturer's instructions do not overrule your insurance guidelines.

Q: Can you tint with a brow lamination?

A: Yes, in fact this enhances the treatment further. If tinting, apply the tint after you have removed Step 2, and before Step 3. Please refer to brow lamination instructions for more information. Please note, an allergy alert test is required for all tinting treatments.

Indications Products for 15 treatments included in this kit.
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