Lash Perfect Academy is home to eyelash extension courses, lash lifting courses, brow lamination courses & more. 

Lash Perfect Academy welcomes all beauty lovers and novices to train and become fully qualified lash and brow technicians. On our accredited eyelash extension, lash lift and brow training courses, trainees will learn all there is to know to successfully offer treatments. Lashes and brows are big business, so adding a new treatment to your menu could seriously maximise your earning potential.

Earning Potential

Offer lash and brow treatments and earn an average of £35,120* 

*based on the number and type of treatments 



Accredited Beauty Courses

ABT accredited 

Habia endorsed
Certification after course completion 
CPD points awarded per course 

Face to Face trainingRemote Online training

Education Options

Remote Online Training 

Complete Face-to-Face Training   

Range of Training and Professional Product Kits available

Large group training at a venue of choice



Training as a beauty technician or adding further treatments to your existing menu will seriously maximise your earning potential.  

  • As of 2020, the UK beauty industry is worth £27 billion.
  • Treatwell reported a 432% spike in bookings in April 2021. 
  • The hair and beauty industry generated £8 billion in turnover for the UK economy (data from 2018).
  • The amount spent at hairdressers and personal care salons in the UK in 2019 was £8.6 billion, equivalent to every person in the UK spending £166 on personal care treatments yearly. 
  • Barbers, beauty salons and nail salons were the top three retail categories that saw the highest growth.
  • 65% of people who work in beauty are self-employed.


Mobile Therapist

Mobile Therapist

With minimum investment, you can increase the range of services to offer to your clients.

Increase your profit and minimise travel costs by offering combo treatments to existing clients.

Fill your schedule with added skills and maximise repeat business.




Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

Reduce empty treatment slots by adding new treatments to the menu without adding extra equipment or salon furniture.

Buy full kit (view options) or just specific products

Upskill your technicians by increasing their treatment portfolio




Nail or Hair Salon

Nail or Hair Salon

Reduce empty treatment slots and utilise your space

 No extra equipment needed: lash lift, brow lamination and express lash extension treatments can be performed on barber chair

Fill in schedule with added skills and maximise repeat business

Complement traditional treatments with innovative ‘while you wait’ treatments – for example, offer a lash lift at the same time as a pedicure!



Remote Training



          • At your own pace 
          • From wherever you like 
          • With just a laptop or tablet 
          • With an online assessment 
          • With help only a call or email away 

Face to Face Training



          • At a training venue in the UK 
          • With a trainer in person to guide you 
          • With a practical assessment on the day
          • With help available every step of the way




Our courses are accredited by ABT, and are endorsed by HABIA who offer CPD points per course to enable you to progress in your professional development. Before you pay for any course, it is important to check that it is accredited by a recognised body. 
Both Online Training and Classroom Training offer certification at the end of the course, after assessment. With Online Training, you can choose to complete your assessment via video call or in person. With Classroom Training, your assessment will take place towards the end of your training day(s).  
Some courses may require case studies – this is indicated on each of the course pages. 


Q: Will I be qualified after training to perform treatments? 
A: Yes, our professional lash and brow courses will teach you all you need to know to offer treatments successfully. After training, you will receive a certificate once your trainer is confident in your lash/brow skills and understanding of the treatment. 
Q: What insurance is needed to perform lash and brow treatments? 
A: When becoming an eyelash technician, one of the first things you need to do after completing your course is obtain insurance. There are a few different types of essential insurance cover you will need, depending on your business. ABT offers Beauty Therapist Insurance – and with Lash Perfect Academy, you receive a discount code when you enrol on any of our courses. 
Q: What do I need to train? 
A: We offer comprehensive professional product kits with all you need to train and provide treatments after certification.  
Q: Can anyone train? 
A: Yes, Lash Perfect Academy welcomes all beauty lovers and novices to train and become fully qualified lash and brow technicians. Some advanced courses require prior training/experience before enrolment – information can be found on pre-requisites on each course page. 

Training Structure

Meet our Training Team

Emma AppsEmma Apps

Natalie Piper

Training for 15 years

Beauty Tech for 18 years

Advice for trainees:

Make sure your social presence reflects your work as it's so important for potential clients to see how amazing you are!

Kirsty HallKirsty Hall

Emma Apps

Training for 9 years

Beauty Tech for 10 years

Advice for trainees:

Practice to really hone your skills - if you take the time to do it, it will be so worthwhile!

Sarah HumphreysonSarah Humphreyson

Sarah Humphreyson

Training for 5 years

Beauty Tech for 15 years

Advice for trainees:

Don’t doubt yourself. Keep practising every time you get the chance.

Katie PenningtonKatie Pennington

Katie Pennington

Training for 1 year

Beauty Tech for 6 years

Advice for trainees:

Practice makes perfect! Take your time.

Kirsty ShawKirsty Shaw

Susannah Brough

Training for 16 years

Beauty Tech for 24 years

Advice for trainees:

Listen, watch, ask questions when you need - relax and enjoy!

Kirsty HallKirsty Hall

Kirsty Hall

Training for 13 years

Beauty Tech for 20 years

Advice for trainees:

We were all beginners at one time, so focus on you and don't compare yourself to anyone else!

Charlotte EldredCharlotte Eldred

Alexandra Wilton

Training for 2 years

Beauty Tech for 21 years

Advice for trainees:

No question is a silly question – ask away, we’re here to help. 

Charlotte EldredCharlotte Eldred

Charlotte Eldred

Training for 5 years

Beauty Tech for 14 years

Advice for trainees:

Don’t doubt yourself! Use your mistakes as lessons and become amazing.

Kirsty ShawKirsty Shaw

Lisa Morgan

Training for 5 years

Beauty Tech for 12 years

Advice for trainees:

Practice,  practice, practice and never give up! 

Remote Online Training



STEP 1:  Access the Lash Perfect Academy Online Learning Platform and receive your chosen kit in the post.  

STEP 2:  Work through treatment theory lessons, watch in-depth videos and complete quizzes.   

STEP 3:  Then, practice, practice, practice your new skills and techniques – it is best to use a mannequin eye/head or the Lizzy Head!     

STEP 4:  Once you are feeling confident, you can book your live assessment with an expert trainer at a time that suits you – this is completed online via video call. The trainer will offer you feedback and guidance to help you along the way. 

STEP 5:  Get certified – then you can begin to offer treatments after obtaining relevant insurance.


Face to Face Training



STEP 1: Access the Lash Perfect Academy Online Learning Platform for the first part of your training. 

STEP 2: Work through treatment theory lessons, watch in-depth videos and complete quizzes. 

STEP 3: Attend the training day at your chosen venue to learn from one of our expert trainers in person. 

STEP 4: After practice with support from your trainer, you will be assessed while performing the treatment on a model.  

STEP 5: Your trainer will offer guidance along the way and certification will be awarded when the trainer is happy with your lash/brow skills and knowledge of the treatment. 

STEP 6: Get certified – then you can begin to offer treatments after obtaining relevant insurance. 



All Lash Perfect Academy training courses are supported with product kits. We have two kit options to choose from – find your kit match:  


Essentials Kit: £150+VAT (with Online Training Only)  

Everything you need to complete your online training assessment including key products, tools and disposables.   


Professional Kit: from £250+VAT  

You can upgrade to the bigger, better value for money Professional Kit which will fully set you up for offering our popular treatments. Includes products for training, assessment, practice and initial client treatments. Best match for mobile therapists and salon techs. 

Contact us to find out more about training and kits options.

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