Post-Lockdown Report  - from our LP Sister in Norway

We asked our Sister Company in Norway, Calma Beauty, about how they have been coping with Covid-19 now that their lockdown has been lifted. The salon's founder, Marlene, tells us all...

How has Covid-19 changed your business?

Dramatically when we had a lockdown! We worked a lot with the online store when everything was shut down, so we retained interest with our clients and had some money coming in.

Now the lockdown has been lifted in Norway, we work a little different than before - we can’t host clients as we normally would. 

We have to:

Allow extra time between clients to fully clean the area, as well as perform all of the normal sanitisation activities.

Ensure we don’t have clients waiting at the same time for their appointments. Every client must keep a 1-meter distance from each other. 

Ask clients to also sign a form, so we can track the virus if we get Covid-19 in the Salon.

Ask every client to wash their hands when they arrive and put on shoe bags.

What have you been doing in your salon while being closed down?

I have tested new products and cleaned up the salon, checking stock and reorganising everything! We’ve been filming content for social media too. We have planned promotions when the salons can open again, and kept in touch with our clients.

Any tips for getting your salon back up and running?

Offer your regular clients a good price! Your regular clients deserve this, and they will keep supporting your business. Keep prices as usual for anyone else, and keep calm - you will get back where you were before this corona situation!

What has the response been like from your customers/clients?

They are very happy to come back! They appreciate that we take this situation seriously with precautions and have been supporting us right from the beginning.

Any other tips for our UK salons and mobile therapists for when we go back to work?

Take extra care of your regular clients, they have always supported you! Show your clients that you know what to do and reassure them that your salon is as safe as it can be.

And use your free time in lockdown to improve your social media content - make videos and stay in touch with everyone!

Love, LP Norway x

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