Trend Alert: Hi Brow Lamination!

What is Brow Lamination?

Hi Brow Lamination (HBL) is a new salon treatment and trend that everyone is talking about. If you haven’t yet heard about this then you’ve really been missing out! HBL is the must have brow treatment for taming unruly brow hairs and setting them into place so every hair lies in the same direction. The brow treatment accurately grooms brow hairs into a perfect shape and style that will stay in place for up to 8 weeks! 

After a Hi Brow Lamination treatment eyebrows will look thicker, fuller, feathery and combed up into their perfect shape. This zero maintenance treatment is perfect for anyone who loves a thick brow! Brow lamination really is a miracle blow dry for brows.

All brows need after HBL is a quick brush through in the morning!

How Does Brow Lamination Work?

The treatment involves 4 key products, which have all been expertly developed by industry professionals and are ideal for use on eyebrows. A QIC Tint can also be added to this treatment to finish the look.


The first is Fixing Adhesive - this is a brow lamination glue which secures the brows in the chosen shape and style, ready for the Styling and Fixing Lotions.


Brow Styling Lotion is applied to eyebrow hairs to make them softer and more malleable.


Brow Fixing Lotion is applied to brows to rebuild the structure of the hair and set it in its new position.


To complete the look, QIC Tint can be applied to the brows. These tints can be tailored to all hair shades and are quick developing thanks to their unique formula.


Brow Lamination Serum with Keratin is applied to the brow - this product helps to hydrate and nourish the brow hair.


Brow Lamination aftercare is simple; for the first 24 hours, brows should be treated with care and steam baths and saunas should be avoided - after this time brows can be treated as normal!