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Information on your Online Assessment

Now that you are ready to complete your assessment, here are a few things to help prepare yourself. 

Model Requirements:

  • Arrange a model to complete your assessment on and ensure they confirm they are happy to have the treatment. 
  • Check your model does not have any contra-indications to the treatment. 
  • Your model will need to be able to lay on their back and still for the full hour. 
  • Ensure your model is makeup free for the assessment. 
  • Ensure they do not have any lash extensions on before the treatment. It is also preferable to choose a model that has not had a lash lift within the past 4 weeks OR a brow treatment within the last 6 weeks depending on your training course. 
  • If needed, complete an allergy alert test at least 24-48 hours before treatment and update their record card. Remember, this is generally not required for lash extensions as the product does not touch the skin. 

How Does the Assessment Work?

Your assessment is an opportunity for us to track your progress and is an interactive session. 

Your trainer will still be able to help and advise you if needed, while observing the skills you have developed during your practice at home. 

During and immediately after your session, your trainer will take time to give you feedback and if satisfied you have understood and have demonstrated a full understanding of the treatment, they will confirm that you have been successfully signed off. 

There will be periods of quiet during your assessment, where your trainer will allow you to work freely – this is so you can concentrate. If your trainer has any advice, they will let you know so you can improve during this time. 

If, during the session, the trainer identifies that you would benefit from extra practice, you may be asked to practice more at home so the trainer can check your confidence and accuracy in performing the treatment to sign you off.  

If, in the unlikely event, the trainer feels you need a session before we can sign you off, your trainer can arrange this with you - an extra charge for this will apply, simply to cover the extra time required. 

Additional Information

Practice, practice, practice. Use the videos and your online learning to ensure you are fully prepared for the assessment. Please also ensure you have completed all the online learning, 10 lash sets or 10 brow treatments, and upload the best 2 to the online portal. Please do not hesitate to email us ( should you have any questions. 
Please note, if you have purchased more than one course, we do NOT recommend doing assessments back-to-back or on the same day, as trainees have found this to be too much. 

Cancellation information – if the trainer cannot contact you at your scheduled time, we reserve the right to act upon the cancellation conditions in our Terms and Conditions. 
That's everything for now! We're excited to see you in action and see you become a certified technician soon! 

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