Brow Perfect Microblading Pigment - Aphrodite 10ml

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Vegan Brow Perfect Microblading Pigments provide you with a full spectrum of colour combinations to create bespoke brows for each client, and contain no heavy metals. Aphrodite is a medium cool brown colour.

Aphrodite is a medium cool brown colour. All Microblading pigments are stand-alone colours, but two can be blended to create the perfect bespoke colour. They are vegan and contain no heavy metals.

Pigment choice is very important. These natural pigments will create a beautiful and long-lasting colour.

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Brand Brow Perfect
How to Use
  • Microblading is a specialist and expert treatment, which should only be carried out by a trained and certified professional.
  • Microblading creates a perfectly shaped brow with the application of hair-like strokes that are expertly drawn by hand using a very fine, sterile blade coated in a semi-permanent pigment.
  • Pigment should be shaken well before use for 20-30 seconds.
  • If you would like to train in Microblading, please visit our training pages.

Q: Will I learn how to use microblading pigments on the Brow Perfect Microblading training course?

A: Yes, on our course you will learn about colour theory, how to select the perfect pigment for your client and more! The training is thorough, leaving you with all the skills you need to confidently perform microblading treatments.

Q: Are these microblading pigments vegan?

A: Yes, these pigments are vegan and they also contain no heavy metals.

Q: How long do these pigments last once applied to the skin?

A: Once inserted into the top layer of skin (epidermis), pigment can last up to 18 months. This is because the epidermis is constantly regenerating and renewing itself, meaning that fading is normal and is to be expected.

Q: Can I mix this with other pigments?

A: Yes, however it is always best to keep pigments in their 'pure' form, as this is easier to match for top up treatments.

Indications For use by trained microblading professionals only.
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