Lash Perfect Lash Lift Lifting, Setting and Moisturising Trio

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For professional use.

Vegan formula.

Complete trio set including Step 1 - Lifting Cream, Step 2 - Setting Cream and Step 3 - Moisturising Cream. Individual steps available on packs of 15 sachets.

Lash Lift (also known as a lash perm or LVL) reshapes natural lashes to a beautiful curl, fixing them into position. The lash lift lasts up to 8 weeks and is a client favourite.

This trio set provides enough product for 15 treatments, with one 0.5ml sachet of each of the solutions per treatment.

The Lash Lift Lifting Cream enables the first stage of the lifting process. This product breaks down the keratin bonds in the hair, allowing it to be moulded into its new shape.

The second stage of this process uses the Setting Cream - this is used to rebuild the hair and fix it into its new position around the Curling Wands.

Allergy alert testing may be required - please check the conditions of your insurance. Always follow the treatment timings on the pack.

More Information
Brand Lash Perfect
How to Use
  • For professional use only.
  • For use with any hair type/texture.
  • Follow the timings table on the leaflet/packaging.
  • Apply Lash Perfect Lash Lifting Cream - Step 1 for the time recommended depending on hair texture.
  • Apply Lash Perfect Lash Setting Cream - Step 2. Leave on the lashes for the time recommended depending on hair texture.
  • Follow with Lash Perfect Lash Moisturising Cream - Step 3.
  • Please refer to lash lifting directions leaflet/manual for more information.

Do I have to train in Lash Perfect Lash Lift to use these products?
We strongly advise training in Lash Perfect Lash Lift before using any professional lash lift products. There are many factors to consider when performing a lash lift to ensure a safe treatment and professional results.

How does a lash lift work?
Lash Lift is a treatment which gently realigns the shape of the natural eye lashes into a curl that enhances the appearance of the eye area. The lashes are placed into position on Curling Wands using a lash lifting fixing adhesive. Then, Lifting Cream is applied - this enables the hair to become more flexible so it can be set into position using the Setting Cream in the second step of the treatment. Moisturising Cream is applied as the last step of the treatment and nourishes and hydrates the hair.

Can the treatment be adapted?
This popular salon treatment is suitable for all clients as it can be completely tailored to suit all with unique curling wands that give options of a natural curl or a dramatic upward sweep.

Is a lash lift the same as LVL or a lash perm?
The treatments are very similar, however with a lash lift there are more options to adapt the treatment to suit the client. Using specially designed Curling Wands, a Lash Perfect Lash Lift can give either a natural or dramatic look depending on how they are placed on the eyelid.

Is patch testing required for lash lift?
An allergy alert test if not a legal requirement for lash lift solutions. We advise that you check the conditions of your insurance as manufacturer's guidelines and our manufacturer's instructions do not overrule your insurance guidelines.

Can you tint with a lash lift?
Yes, in fact this enhances the treatment further. If tinting, apply the tint after you have removed Step 2 - Setting Cream, and before Step 3 - Moisturising Cream. Be aware that tinting processing times will be reduced when tinting in a lash lift treatment. Please refer to lash lift instructions for more information. Please note, an allergy alert test is required for all tinting treatments.

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