Lash Perfect Pre Made Fans - D Curl, 6D - 500 Fans

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LP Pre Made – D6D

Pre-made fans in single length pots - perfect for speedy Russian volume lash application. Available in 6D in C or D curl and in lengths from 8mm - 13mm. Professional quality lashes with a soft, matte appearance. D Curl, 6D.

Beautiful 6D Russian volume lashes without the need to fan by hand? Yes, please.

Pre-made lashes in 0.07 6D (6 lashes within each fan) - approximately 500 per single length pot.

These lashes are perfect for professional lash techs in need of speedy treatments. Our soft, flexible matte black pre-fanned lashes are made from the highest-quality fibres and will help you create beautiful Russian volume lash looks your clients will love. The lashes have a delicately fused base for seamless results.

At our price, each pre-made fan ends up at about £0.038 each, meaning a full set will only cost you from £3.00 - £6.00.

Tech Top Tip: You can use pre-made fans and hand-made fans together for a unique textured lash style – for example, these lashes are perfect to top up your Russian volume set if you’re running short on time during your appointment slot. Fanning takes time, so these lashes will speed you up when needed.

Extra Tech Top Tip: Pre made lashes are perfect to use with individual lashes to create stunning hybrid lash extension looks.

Pre-fanned loose lashes available in 6D C Curl in lengths: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and 13mm, and in 6D D Curl in lengths: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and 13mm.

More Information
Brand Lash Perfect
How to Use
  • Scatter the pre-made fans onto the Lash Extension Holder or similar.
  • Use your tweezers to pick up each fan.
  • Apply as normal to natural lashes.

Q: How many lashes per pot?
A: In each pre fanned loose lash pot, there are approximately 500 fans.

Q: Can I use these lashes in an express treatment?
A: Absolutely! These pre fanned lashes are similar to the Pre Fanned lashes in trays which can also be applied to un-isolated lashes.

Q: Will my client be able to tell the difference between hand-made fans and pre mades?
A: The difference between pre made fans and hand-made fans is very small – in fact, the only difference is really that the pre made fans may be more symmetrical than some handmade fans!

Q: How much time can I save by using pre made fans?
A: This really does depend on how long it would take you to fan normally, however most techs save at least 20-30 minutes per set.

Q: What does 6D lash extensions mean?
A: ‘6D’ refers to the number of lashes within the fan. In this case, there are 6 0.07mm lashes within each pre made fan.

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